Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #368 6/13/2019

#368 - Impeachment process (Watt Thoughts)

As we move closer to the House starting impeachment proceedings against Trump, a couple of observations. This is information on the process and is not taking any position on the process under consideration.

Remember Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the House but the Senate did not vote to convict ether time (requires a two-thirds vote for removal to convict and remove) and even if some Republicans did switch, some Dems (like Manchin of WV) might also switch and it is next to impossible to get the 66 votes for conviction (unless Trump shoots someone on Fifth Ave on live TV and he is probably wrong, he will probably be out) so they continued serving in office. The House was only beginning impeachment proceedings against Nixon but never had a vote on impeachment before he resigned.

Once the hearings start there will be a large number of Democrats to want to go slow against Trump as if they did impeach and convict him, what many have never thought about is Pence becomes president (not Schumer or Pelosi, although Pelosi is next in line after the VP) and that scares many of them worse (including Pelosi I think).



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