Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #365 3/24/2019

#365 - Primaries and the electoral college (Watt Thoughts)

If the Democrats and other political parties are so opposed to the Electoral College and want to get rid of it, why are they having state primaries to choose delegates to their conventions to choose their nominee next year?

The convention delegate selection process is very similar to the Electoral College, each state gets a certain number of delegates mainly based on population (or number party members) just as states get electoral voters in the Electoral College also primarily based on population. The electoral College does choose two voters also from each state and the Democrats also have some delegates who get chosen based on who in power in state and they have the super delegates, however in 202 the super delegates do not participate in voting unless the voting goes more than a couple rounds.

Other parties do similar in choosing delegates, however the Democrats chose to put in super delegates after 196 and 1972 when their more popularity based systems had major problems with riots at convention in 1968 and the choosing of McGovern in 1972 and him being beat in massive landslide by a candidate (Nixon) already under investigation for corruption.

Wonder how choosing national candidates in a national primary with every voter in what every state (from California to Mississippi and Wyoming) having the exact same say in choosing the presidential nominee? How much would candidates campaign in Mississippi and Wyoming vs in California and New York?



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