Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #364 3/16/2019

#364 - Charlie Daniels article on ecology (Watt Thoughts)

I am in agreement with him wanting to cleanup environment but not expecting change on climate change. I knw usa has done wonders but rest of world has bunches to do i have been to china, brazil and Mexico and seen horrible pollution and seen how much better here in usa than in 1960s. It is possible that cleaning up has effect on climate overall but i also know cities paved over are heat sinks an when do temperature compaisons we are measurin places not measured in past and gree things need CO2 and dark ages was when world was in mini ice age and around 1970 scince said we were entering ice age and all oil in the world would be gone by 2000

"Hi, this may be interesting you: Charlie Daniels: World's Thermostat Is in the Creator's Hand - Always Has Been, and Always Will Be! This is the link: explainlife.com/charlie-daniels-worlds-thermostat-is-in-the-creators-hand-always-has-been-and-always-will-be-13312/"



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