Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #354 10/6/2018

#354 - Supreme Court swing votes(Watt Thoughts)

If it is so important to have a swing vote on the supreme court as these two democratic appointed justices say, why does it have to be a republican appointed justice as they want? Since they know a better way for the Supreme Court of not being tied to party, why do they not walk the talk instead of talking the talk only. They have the position to do it, then show it.

It is unfortunate we cannot pick justices now as I believe founders wanted and that is to choose individuals who will be fair, consider the facts of the case and what the Constitution says and make a decision based on that. The Supreme Court often changes what it said in past, although it respects the past. The Dred Scott case is probably the best example of a case they decided and then realized years later judged wrong. Left leaning presidents appointments do not always do what the president was expecting and right leaning presidents appointments do not always do what the president was expecting. That is an object of lifetime appointments to free them from politics and other pressures and to be fair.




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