Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #351 7/2/2018

#351 - Georgia hands free law(Watt Thoughts)

A reminder that the new hands free law went in effect Sunday morning at 12:01 am in Georgia. Basically you cannot handle electronic devices while driving (except GPS and for emergencies purposes) however, you can use them with hands free devices.

The law has some ambiguity in it. The law states devices cannot be supported by a person when driving. When I asked about having device in pocket on in holster on belt whether this was legal or not the response from state patrol representative was that probably not but it would be up to a judge.

If you are stopped in traffic or at a red light you cannot use devices unless hands free (actually you are allowed to touch one button). However driver can if legally parked. Which raises question in my mind when I am stuck in hour or longer stopped traffic on Interstate (usually shut my engine down) is it legal for me to use the phone for calls or text with hands)? I am not legally parked but cannot be distracted from my driving.

This is being said by every to stop distracted driving, however we already had general laws against distracted driving, which would cover all these items it they are a distraction, and the number one cause of distraction of drivers will not be made illegal, kids.

Laws have unintended consequences quite often and this one has an unintended consequence which no realized until very recently. Drivers under 18 in Georgia were not previously allowed to use electronic devices while driving, however with the new law they can including making calls as long as hands free (actually not supported by the body).



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