Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #350 5/29/2018

#350 - Trump, Kim and Moon (Watt Thoughts)

The upcoming summit between Trump and Kim is interesting. It has been off and on again and appears although not formally announced will occur, that it will occur on June 12.

Sixty-five years ago the hostilities between the UN troops, North Korea and South Korea were ended with an armistice. No peace treaty has ever occurred and technically the war continues. The leaders of the USA (the major troop supplier for the UN forces) and North Korea have never met.

In 2017, Trump and Kim traded insults continuously, called each other names, and threatened nuclear war. Many claimed that Trump was going to start a war with Kim. Clinton, Bush, and Obama tried negotiating with Kim and his father and had agreements with him or his father for them to stop developing nuclear weapons and they never did but they got USA aid for agreeing.

Then early this year Kim sent message that he wanted to meet with Moon, leader of South Korea, and Trump. He has met with Moon a couple times now. Kim threatened to end June 12th summit several times and Trump cancelled it. Now it appears will occur.

Trump caught criticism last year that he should be talking with Kim and not threatening war in Korea. Now this year since summit planned the same people are criticizing him for talking to Kim and saying he will give away everything. They are upset saying no agreement has already been reached for Trump and Kim to sign. In addition, there are claims not enough time for meeting to be fully set yup. If you want to talk with someone about an issue does it take weeks for you to talk to them? Find a room, sweep for bugs and let the men talk.

Trump and Kim have set up this summit for the two of them to talk, negotiate, and try to reach an agreement. They are both leaders of their countries and they should negotiate straight. It is strange in this era that we choose presidents and then think anything they go to do should just be photo opportunities and not real work. Trump ran on and was elected to do stuff himself and to stop the bureaucracy doing everything and elected leaders being just props.

In the 1940s it was Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill who met at Yalta and reached agreement how to end World War II and how aftermath was to be. You may agree or disagree with what done, but the three of three talked and reached it. It was not done before and then the three showed up. In the early 1960s the USA and USSR nearly went to war over nuclear weapons in Cuba. It was settled when Kennedy and Khrushchev talked not when a group in government on each side met and agreed and then told Kennedy and Khrushchev to sign and smile. The phone line was established between the Kremlin and the White House so the two leaders could talk directly at any point.

Trump is putting the power back in the president and to some degree following in fellow New York Republican, Teddy Roosevelt, footsteps of “speak ___ and carry a big stick”. Yes, Teddy said “softly” and Trump says “lots with Tweet”, but lots of similarity.

Let Kim and Trump negotiate, talk, and see what happens when two opposing strong willed men get together. We may finally move to real peace in Korea or we may continue to be in a military awareness standby alert status. We have been in the second for sixty-five years with eleven USA presidents, so why not try something different and maybe first will occur. Remember Nixon was a strong anti-communist and against USSR and China and opened doors for better relations with both China and USSR (now Russia). Whether Trump and Kim and Moon reach any agreement, the fact they will actually have a conversation goes a long way toward peace that has never occurred before in 65 years and they deserve consideration for Nobel Peace prize as they are doing what it’s goals and the UN goals are and that is to talk and then work on living together better in this world.



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