Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #348 5/20/2018

#348 - Random thoughts(Watt Thoughts)

Candidates for office that want gun owners support should not practice unsafe gun handling in ads. Brian Kemp candidate for governor in Republican primary released ad over week ago holding a shotgun in lap and with daughter and supposed boyfriend and says he expects boys to treat her right. He closes shot gun pointed at boy stating he better be clear. As a NRA gun safety instructor one of most important rules I teach is never point gun at something you do not intend to shoot. He violates the rule and is not gun safe

I keep seeing lots of cars pass on right on interstates with 3 or more lanes and left clear. When did rule change?

I see lots of other things on road not safe too. Motorcyles riding down dashed line between slow or stopped vehicles. Cars using shoulder as another lane when traffic backed up (i know Texas this is legal and encouaged but i am in Georgia normally

Be safe with your guns and cars. Both can be wonderful tools and enjoyment, but misused both can be very deadly.



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