Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #340 11/12/2017

#340 - DACA, ObamaCare and Trump(Watt Thoughts)

Trump has signed executive actions about DACA and Obamacare which have received a lot of press, however, not many really examined what he did.

In the the case of DACA (the immigration executive action by Obama that allowed immigrants brought here as children to stay longer in the US and go to school) Trump signed an executive order ending that program by executive action in six months. When he signed it he told Congress they have six months to create a law of the program that will then protect those young people. This is an issue that should have been done by Congress in the first place and by having it made law and not executive action, it will not be subject to the whims of whoever is president and also is the constitutional approach, so those young people can feel much more secure when Congress passes the law (a function of the legislative branch, not the executive branch) and it is signed by Trump.

With Obamacare there has been controversy ever since the law was passed if Congress actually did authorize in the law the payments of subsidies to teh insurance companies for the recipients of Obamacare by lower income people. There has been court cases dragging thru the courts that are headed to the Supreme Court making a decision at some point. Which way the Supreme Court may rule is not known. If Congress and the American people want these subsidizes paid then the solution is for Congress to pass the law authorizing the subsidies and payment of them. Again having just paid them with out authorization as Obama was doing and essentially as an executive action, is not something the Constitution allows. The Constitution does not include in it powers for the president to "have and use pen" to make laws. It is clearly the Congress's job.

If you are serving as president and you want your changes to outlive your administration then the way to do that is to have the changes written in law and to not use executive actions. If it is law it will take a majority of Congress and the president to change them (or get a majority of the Supreme Court to rule them not constitutional) to change them. If you choose to do an executive action all it takes is a president to change that (or the majority of the Supreme Court to rule unconstitutional).

Whether you agree with Trump or not, you do have to realize Trump is doing what he said he would on executive orders and regulations and removing the large number previous administrations had created and passing the ball back to Congress. His voters expected this. This is a reason we see almost all of them keep supporting him. Obama campaigned on transparency which did not develop and we are now learning that he was putting our military all over Africa. Whether you like Trump's tweets or not, you have to admit he is the most transparent president we probably ever had as he tells us everything that pops in his head, whether we really want to know it or not. I hope no one tells him about Facebook as we all know at least one person on Facebook who tells us more than we ever wanted to know about them and their daily life.

Having a three way split in the government is what has made the United States government unique and last over 200 years and was put there to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all the USA military veterans who have served and who have done their part to protect the Constitution and our freedoms.



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