Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #338 8/27/2017

#338 - Immigration bill (Watt Thoughts)

Senator David Perdue (R, GA) has introduced a immigration bill in Congress that he is a major co-sponsor. This bill is supposed to reflect what President Trump is wanting in an immigration bill.

The bill will limit the number of legal immigrants to the United States, changes rules on green cards, favors English speaking and set new requirements on levels of education.

Setting limits on numbers of immigrants per year is a move many want done, but making the decisions on who and where from and what emergency openings are will be lots of debate and discussion.

The English speaking requirement appears to be on the concept to get everyone speaking English in the USA. Instead of favoring people already speaking English I think a better requirement is to have them learn English within a certain time. If we had in past gone with this approach as proposed many ancestors of excellent Americans would never have gotten in or been able to flee horrors like Nazi Germany.

The people who immigrate here with H visas has been a continuous controversy. This bill appears to make easier for them to come here to take specialty jobs like in IT. However there is claims by companies wanting these that they cannot find trained people in the USA and they want these from other countries. There are many in these fields who state that companies are using this as an approach to hiring people cheaper than hiring Americans. In the IT field I know they claim shortages of skilled people, but yet I do not see these large companies coming to smaller technical colleges to recruit workers when quite often the graduates of the IT programs in the technical colleges took more computer classes than the four year graduates and had more hands on training. I would encourage Congress to study all these areas closer.

The bill also calls for most immigration to only be higher educated people. See the above section. Also their are many lower level jobs in our country and always have been that the Americans of second or third generation or beyond will not do, in today's world for instance agriculture harvesting. If you think back to the 1800s when railroads built across the country many Americans would not do the basic labor and many Chinese immigrated here to do the work.

I urge Congress and President Trump to look more closely at this before passing and signing a bill.



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