Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #335 7/5/2017

#335 - Daisy match 2017 (Watt Thoughts)

I am back from the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match(DNBBGCM) in Rogers Arkansas. 700 miles to drive out there. Going out the Saturn and I made in 10.45 hours. Coming back took 13 hours, heavy rain for about 60 miles around Memphis and traffic was doing 10 to 25 mph.

It was 52nd match and biggest yet. Top 3 teams in state competitions qualify. 71 teams and 550 kids (8-14). with about 50 teams last year I took 1000 pictures. This year 1900 pictures. In raw format so now edit and post to web site (which i have done since 1999). I try to get at least one picture of every kid shooting, plus pictures of everyone who hits stage at ceremonies (all 71 teams march in opening). Usually they all shoot together in morning (7 kids on a teams (5 regular and 2 alternates)) with them shooting 7 relays. With so many teams and we can only shoot 50 teams in convention center, half teams shot in morning and half afternoon so kept me much busier as I had to do pics all day. The kids shoot 4 positions and take a safety test (test counts same as a position).

While out there I went to Bass Pro #1 in Springfield Missouri. Huge, but as far as impressiveness Memphis in pyramid is most. NRA museum was neat in it too. Went to Daisy museum also (small but interesting, but I have been enough now to be a tour guide) and also stopped at Walmart museum (in original Walton's 5 and 10 on square) which has grown.

I have been involved with the shooting education program for about 30 years as a chaperon, coach, state program chair, match manager, webmaster) with last 18 years as webmaster.

Good trip.



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