Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #331 4/10/2017

#331 - Meddling in countries leadership selections (Watt Thoughts)

There has been a lot in the news for the past six months or so on possibly Russia meddling in the USA presidential election last November. Although some have claimed the Russians changed the election the only items we have been told so far is intelligence is that the Russians hacked Clinton and the DNC and released some of the information and they tried to hack the RNC but better cyber defenses stopped them.

A number of politicians have been wringing hands about Russia trying to influence our elections, but fail to consider how much the USA has influenced others. At least in this case the Russians were just eavesdropping and not killing potential leaders.

The USA politicians should consider our past. Obama clearly supported and encouraged Israel while he was president to not re-elect Netanyahu. He made a number public statements against him. Under Obama also the USA contributed to removing Gadhafi as leader of Libya and his death. The USA invaded Iraq for regime change (to change leaders) and hung Hussein after he was caught. In the 1950s the CIA arranged a coup in Iran which put the Shah in power and continues to affect the relations today. In South Viet Nam during the war it was alleged the CIA was involved in change of leaders there in the 1960s.

Voice of America has existed since the 1950s to spread American way of thinking to East Europe nations to encourage them to choose democratic leaders and not communist ones.

We need to be careful in spewing comments about Russia possibly been caught collecting information that supposedly was used to benefit Trump as he and Putin were supposedly going to be close buddies. Note Syria in the last week and ask how that is working out. We have only been told that intelligence agencies found evidence the government of Russia was involved, but no details have been released and now there is questions whether NSA, CIA and FBI all agreed.



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