Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #326 10/31/2016

#326 - The election (Watt Thoughts)

We have watched a wild election for the USA presidency this year from the primaries to the final election day next Wednesday. Candidates have run campaigns in ways that always have been said to not work but won primaries. Both final candidates have a large dis-like number

Everyone who is a USA citizen needs to vote. You can early vote in most states (37 is last count I saw on states with early voting). Whether you like either of the two major candidates or like just one or dislike both or do not like any of the major 2 and the Libertarian and Green, you need to vote. It may be choosing the best or choosing the least of the worst, but vote. I voted Friday in early voting Friday. If you vote (no matter how) you can complain about what the person elected does for next four years. If you do not vote you chose to not participate and you can't complain until after 2020 (which will be the year we all have perfect vision in selecting a president and everything else).

All this campaign cycle we have heard Hillary would win the primaries and the general election in a landslide. Of course we hear the same thing 8 years ago until someone named Obama appeared. We have also heard the whole time that Trump had absolutely no chance and would lose substantially in primaries and lose election in landslide. Sanders challenged Hillary thru the primaries and was in that much later than expected (he was predicted to be gone after 2 or 3 primaries). Since winning nominations the claims have been Hillary will have biggest landslide in popular vote ever over Trump and he has stayed close all the way to now.

Things to consider about 2016. First Trump and Sanders ran sas outsiders. Brexit was essentially same issues in Great Britain and was expected to fail all the way and in the end it passes to surprise of establishment and polls. I suspect there is a lot of information being given wrong or not given to pollsters and the polls here may be off as there. Polls show close but could turnout a rout by one of them. The fallout on both sides (mud is flying thick) with emails continuing and sex tapes, etc. In addition the independent conservative (never Trump movement) and the libertarian may win electoral votes.

What will be the outcome at the end of November 8, 2016, who knows. It may be weeks until settled and even possibly go to House. Remember Electoral College electors are only pledged and can change their votes. One did in a Nixon election. The important part is that your vote is in there too.



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