Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #323 6/12/2016

#323 - 600,000 miles and growing(Watt Thoughts)

My 2001 Saturn SL2 is passing several milestones this weekend.

Friday the odometer turned 600,000 miles. The transmission was replaced at about 400,000 miles, I am on third engine. The first made it to about 495,000 miles, replaced with a used engine that I got about 100,000 miles on and then put another used engine in it which is running like new.

Monday the car will celebrate its 15th birthday with me as original owner.

The car has been in most of the contiguous United States from Key West Florida to the coast off the state of Washington. Essentially the places it has not been is North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and the northeastern states above Pennsylvania. It has gone from Georgia to Arizona about five times.

Pictures included on this article showing car and odometer.



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