Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #322 5/22/2016

#322 - You got to vote to complain(Watt Thoughts)

Make sure you vote. There will be others than Hillary and Trump on the ballot for president and you can always write in someone.

If you do not vote, don't complain the next 4 years. I have no problem a person voting for x and then discovering they disagree with x a lot and complaining about x. I have a problem people complaining about x when they did not vote.

Lindsay Graham and other politicians that say they are not planning to vote, I would disagree with them a bunch. They all know the importance of voting and the need to participate in the electoral process. I suspect Senator Graham would not have been happy if a number of Republicans had said if he had won the nomination that they were just going to take their marbles and go home. He and the rest of them can vote for whoever when they get in the booth, it is a secret ballot, but they need to vote.

Get out and vote in November in the election.



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