Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #317 12/25/2015

#317 - Christmas story (Watt Thoughts)

Wednesday night I was in Mobile Alabama to see Georgia Southern play in their first bowl game, in the GoDaddy Bowl. It was a good game and GSU routed Bowling Green in the second half. Sat thru short bursts of wind and rain all game

Thursday I set out for Swainsboro in what appeared as I went on down the road as a forever trip. Stopped and got a bite and this man with a white beard asked me for a ride. I don't give strangers rides, but something said give this man a ride. He was clean and well groomed.

As we started on down the road he kept getting out this piece of paper and asking me to drive by this address and then another address. He kept saying something about hitting those places later that night.

I got concerned and called 911 and told them and they had me describe him (older man with white beard, overweight, friendly, always laughing) and I told them how he was having me help him find all those addresses that he was going to hit that night.

The dispatcher told me she had talked with the police and they suggested I take him where ever he wanted to check addresses. They said they knew the guy and that he was OK. I still sounded concerned to the dispatcher and she said not to worry. She said they knew people were putting out milk and cookies for him when he came to visit the different locations.

After another hour or two of me helping him find houses, he had me drop him off and he said he had a nap to take before he worked all night. He wished me a Merry Christmas and said he had my house on the list too.

I made it on to Swainsboro safely. I hope he hit your house last night

Merry Christmas to all



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