Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #308 5/23/2015

#308 - Hillary's emails(Watt Thoughts)

From a technical viewpoint there are a number of problems with the emails of Hillary Clinton

First is the issue of why was she allowed to use a non-official email server? Government agencies and business quite often require official business be done on the agency or business email server. This first makes clear the email is really from the government official and secondly if questions on messages it is easy to do a search of email account and determine what was done. What is interesting is the reports that State department policy was all employees had to use the official State Department email and yet Hillary opted to not do that. "Do as I say, not what I do". This is a sign of poor leadership and also that some people in organization consider them selves more important. It is also a poor representation on the department that no employees reported this in her four years. This reminds me of Watergate in some ways, particularly the tapes.

Second is why was there not mandatory backup of her emails? At the college I am at which is part of state of Georgia government they have a mandatory backup system of all emails and y understanding it is law that all emails must be kept five years. So any emails I have received or sent from college email account for over five years is at backup site. I use that backup regularly to retrieve emails I have deleted that have information I needed. The State department (and IRS) should have been backing up all meals through her official account (whether she shoes to use the state department supplied or since she chose to use a different server they should have put same software on it. Poor management by Hillary and also the IT department at State. Same goes for Lois Lerner at IRS and IRS.

Third is why is she turning over the emails to the State department in printed format? The emails were in electronic format on her server, why did she print them out and then turn them over to State Department which is then scanning them and processing them electronically to redact them. They were already in electronic format and could have much easier and quicker (and greener) been turned over from Hillary to State in electronic format and then the USA tax payers would not be paying people to scan 80,000 pages and then to begin processing them and then release to public. Much money, time and resources could have been saved. It would also probably be possible to determine if Hillary's staff had deleted parts of emails.

From a computer forensics view every thing was done wrong in the process.

The first and second done differently and correctly would have prevented this being an issue for her. The third would allow much faster handling of the messages and less cost to the government and the quicker in the public's hands to decide what she did as Secretary of State.



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