Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #307 3/29/2015

#307 - Emails saying odd activity in e-mail(Watt Thoughts)

There are emails floating on the Internet now that are claiming that there was odd or suspictious activity on your email account or that you logged in from odd location and claim to be from the email host. Most of these are spam or phishing emails.

Do not click on the links in the email as they will usually not take you to your email provider but to the one phishing for your security information. If you suspect it is real then go directly to your email account (which is probably where you were when you read it, unless written about another account and click on security settings in it and change password.

I am writing this tonight on March 29, and got a message claiming to be from Microsoft about my email account with them dw******@att.net that said suspictious activity observed on march 30, 2015. Do you see the 2 red flags I saw that said this was a spam or phishing email? First is that my att.net email account is hosted with Yahoo not Microsoft (if you have email from a former ATT type company like att, BellSouth, etc, then most of those were moved to Yahoo several years ago). Second is that they are telling suspicious activity was observed on my account tomorrow. My email exists in the real world not science fiction world and we have not accomplished time travel yet (Agreed that I did tell my supervisor this week in a leave request that I can do time travel, but he said to fix. I said I was going to leave NW Georgia at 4PM and be in Jacksonville that same day at 9AM).

Be careful when you click links in emails. Hovering over them on a PC will show the real address it is linking to at the bottom of screen helps in being carful, but you do not have this ability on phones.



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