Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #305 1/31/2015

#305 - Parental controls in Windows 7 (Watt Thoughts)

Parental controls allows you to set accounts so they can only log on the computer at certain times, what games they can play and when, website filtering and when they try to do something blocked they can have it ask you permission by email or you be able to type in password and override. The child will be told he/she is blocked.

To set it up you will go to control panel and choose User Accounts and family Safety. Then you will choose the account you want to set rules on. If you have not created an account for the child before you can do so here.

It is recommended both the child and administrator accounts have passwords. If the administrator does not, then the child can log on as administrator and negate the settings.

You will then go to Windows Live Family Safety and logon with our Microsoft account username and password. If you do not have one, you can create one here.

You will then be on the Windows site and you can choose each area and set your restrictions or things allowed. You will also be able to choose what is logged so you can look at reports later.

On web filtering you can choose from several options. One is to allow them on specific sites only. Another allows only on sites rated for children, another allows them on general interest sites but blocks adult sites. You can also choose whether they are allowed on social communication sites such as Facebook. You can also block them from downloading files.

You can also allow (default) or block them from running the different applications (called apps here) that are installed on your computer.

With games you can either choose specific games or to allow or block certain ratings of games and they give you several groups who rate games to choose from.

This column this week may increase my popularity with parents but I suspect my popularity rating with kids may take a nose dive.



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