Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #301 10/25/2014

#301 - Political rally (Watt Thoughts)

Earlier today I attended a BBQ held by the outgoing congressman, Jack Kingston. He has normally held these in January and had each year he has been in office. I had invitations each year but never was able to attend. Today was part rally and part appreciation to him. He had run for the Senate this year and lost in the run-off in the summer.

It was interesting seeing different people and realizing how the political landscape in Georgia has changed since I moved here in 1979. At that time it was a solid Democrat state.

One of first persons I talked with was Bubba MacDonald who is running for re-election for the public service commission. My question for him and other public service commissioner was rather they enjoyed the job. They both said they did and thought making things better for children and grandchildren. I remember Bubba as a strong Democrat in the 1980s who almost became governor (Democrat). I ate BBQ with a friend and his mom who I saw which was also interesting as his dad was a Democratic represntative in Georgia house for a number of years. His mom is a very strong Republican today from her questions and cheers.

The weather was perfect today and it was a large crowd and very definitely Republican pulling for across the ticket to win on November 4. Sunny skies, lots of campaign material, lots of politicians and lots of partisan speeches. I heard all the evils of Carter (Jimmy and Jason), Obama and Reid.

Mack Mattingly spoke and I had not seen him in many years. He was first Republican elected statewide back in 1980 and was US Senator. Jack Kingston, the host was the first Republican from the 1st district.

David Perdue, candidate for senator, gave a good speech and he and Kingston spoke well of each other. Purdue was dressed casually and seemed quite comfortable with the atmosphere.

Ted Cruz was the keynoter. Ted Cruz reminded me of the times I got to hear Reagan in person, although Cruz was younger and more energetic. He spoke without notes and gave a really good speech and threw in one liners like Reagan would have. he commented that even First and Second Baptist in Houston had gotten together opposing sermon subpoenas. Also made joke on putting IRS agents on southern border (to give them something to do when IRS eliminated) and said when people got to border and saw them they would fee back home. He had speech with substance, good jokes, and a great voice.

I enjoyed the afternoon there and never wore any campaign material, although they did take a picture of me putting BBQ on my plate. the BBQ was good and it was good hearing the candidates opinions in an old time political rally.



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