Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #291 4/3/2014

#291 - MCE (Watt Thoughts)

I am now a Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE). I passed with an 80. Questions are on how to use computers and technology in k-12 schools and some on school with one lab. Based on UNESCO ICT standards. The study materials at Microsoft for the MCE are relatively close and are on the same type material as the test. I had passed 3 parts of the pre-test at Microsoft last fall and probably did about 25-30 hours studying and passing the other three parts (which gives you a badge (still not exactly sure what it is) on the Microsoft training site, but not a certificate of completion). Excelsior College just had a MOOC course that CompTIA promoted on Cybersecurity that was good and well done that I did but they give you nothing at end to show you took the course unless you pay $40 (plus proctor fee) to take an exam at Certiport that then they give you one unit of undergraduate credit. It was a good class but I wish I had something to show I had done it. Google and other places when you take a MOOC from them give a certificate of completion. I have done two classes on Analytics at Google

The test was 41 question which included 7 case studies and 100 minutes. Some of the questions deductive reasoning would answer them. For instance one] case study said the school had 20 PCs hardwired to internet and just added 20 wireless laptops. The question then was that not all laptops are connecting to Internet, what is the problem. Choices were a. Internet connection, b. wired connections, c. power not turned on, d. wireless settings . There were questions like what software would you use to manage student grades (word processing, presentation software, desktop software, spreadsheet software).

I was curious what MCE is when I saw it on list at Microsoft IT Academy which I administer for GNTC. MCE is only a couple years old.



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