Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #290 3/27/2014

#290 - Northwestern football players can unionize (Watt Thoughts)

Initial thoughts on the ruling by NLRB on Wednesday that Northwestern University football players can unionize. Of course there will be lots of appeals and what final ruling is we will learn in year or two or more.

Since only amateurs may play for NCAA teams I assume the NCAA is removing Northwestern University from the NCAA immediately for having professional athletes on their teams. I also assume IRS will be auditing the full team soon after April 15 for failing to report and pay taxes on their scholarship and benefits received in 2014. Also the IRS needs to investigate and fine NU for failure to withhold taxes on athletic scholarships and also failure to report the team members income from scholarships. None of these players can paly for another college either as they are pros by ruling of federal government.

It will be interesting to see with pay of players if center on women's team at a college makes same as center on men's team. Required to by Title IX. And amount paid to all men would need to match to women players. Title IX also. Title IX is why many colleges have been dropping some male sports to get equalization on women and men's sports.



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