Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #282 12/13/2013

#282 - Eleven years ago (Watt Thoughts)

Eleven years ago today, I fell and cracked my head. It was on Friday December 13, 2002. I was putting up Christmas lights and failed to consider leaves on sidewalk were wet from rain that morning and the ladder slid out from under me.

The long term damage to me is I have limited use of the right eye lid from the nerve getting cut and sometime strange feelings in the side of scalp by there. The eye is fine

That day started well as I passed a very hard lab final for the CCNP I course and drove back from Jacksonville. I remember thinking as I went up ladder that time it would be last time that evening. I remember briefly at hospital and knew ambulance took me, but no memory of ambulance. I also knew I was flown to Augusta by helicopter but no memory of helicopter. The ride was billed for $6000 and insurance adjusted to $4000 and paid. I have several friends who tell me regularly next time I decide to take a $6000 helicopter ride to call them and they will go along so to tell me what it was like.

I have been on ladders a number of times since, but am always extra careful and someone knows when I am on them. I will not get on a ladder today.

Have a good and safe holiday season.



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