Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #278 9/15/2013

#278 - Kiwanis bike ride (Watt Thoughts)

I will become president of the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis on October 1.

We are sponsoring a bike ride on October 5 that I will be riding in. It is one of our fundraisers we hold each year to support the projects we do in the community mainly oriented at helping young children. The ride will be for 48 miles from Shop Rite in Chickamauga to McLenmore Cove and back. If you are interested in riding I can get you the application. It is a pretty ride and small hills but no mountain. It is the 2 Hill and Back ride. This will be our third ride.

We do a Thanksgiving dinner at one low income housing center, Christmas gift project for children who would not get anything at Christmas, and support a number of smaller projects of activities for children thru the year. We also sponsor three Key Clubs in the high schools and give a scholarship each year to one student from each club to help with college.

Our other major fundraiser will also be in October. We will be sponsoring the 30th annual Rick Honeycutt Golf tournament on October 22 at Battlefield Golf Club. If you are interested in participating (teams are 3 persons and we add a celebrity that invites to each team) I can get you more information.

The club meets Fridays at noon at Hutcheson Medical Center dining room and we have weekly programs, usually a speaker. I have belonged for 6 years. I am also a member of the Swainsboro Kiwanis.

If you would like to sponsor me in the ride send a check made to the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis and send it to me (507a Second St Lafayette GA 30728)




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