Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #275 8/27/2013

#275 - Syria and WMD (Watt Thoughts)

I thought for a moment this week that my dreams when I sleep were becoming to real. What I am hearing about Syria and WMD sounds a lot like what was said in 2002 about Iraq.

We are being told now that chemical weapons were used last week in the Syrian civil war. Initial reports were both sides claiming the other side used. In the early 90s Hussein used chemical weapons on his people in an uprising in northern Iraq. The UN has been trying to get WMD inspectors to the location of the attack to determine what happened. However it is in the middle of a war zone and both sides could not guarantee their safety (how do you guarantee safety of people going in battlefields in a war when no where are people guaranteed to be safe even in peaceful countries?) Now both sides have allowed them in but they were still fired on.

The Obama administration appears to getting ready to at least fire cruise missiles at something in Syria that it says will punish Assad. Kerry supposedly is going to get UN to back this action and apparently speak to UN. Anybody remember Iraq and the speech Powell gave to the UN saying we knew Iraq had WMD (which everyone whether Democrats, Republicans, Europeans, Arabs etc. had all agreed on a few years before) and the ridicule he has received since by Democrats in or affiliated with the current administration.

I have not figured out any direct interest the USA has in Syria and which group is in power but Obama and leaders in Congress keep taking us closer in the war. If our object is to stop Assad from using WMD how will we accomplish that with a few cruise missiles other than breaking pocket books of middle and lower classes around world as price of oil goes thru the roof because we are attacking an Arab country (which does not produce oil). If Assad falls then Syria will probably become just the latest divided Arab country that no one knows who is in charge.

Should we be the world's police person and if so what laws are we going to enforce? What lifestyle will we be promoting and what type government? What will we be trying to accomplish and are we making life better for people? What does UN play in all this, it is designed to be a place for nations to talk and to try to find solutions without war. Russia and China clearly oppose the USA getting involved, they have their own reasons for either keeping Assad in power or the situation in the pot it is essentially now. To listen to the people talk now and in 2002 it is hard to believe what is being said by the same people.

This whole messy process is not doing the economy any good as the stock market falls and oil rises. Remember the celebrations earlier this year the Dow broke 15,000, look now and it is back below that and has essentially tread water since then after a rapid grown January thru May.



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