Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #270 4/16/2013

#270 - Terrorist deja vu? (Watt Thoughts)

We have experienced a terrorist attack again in the USA with the attack in Boston on Monday.

There are similarities to this attack and 9/11 and the Atlanta Olympics attack. In all three cases very initially the response is we don't know who did it, although in 9/11 by that evening it had been determined bin Laden was behind it. In Atlanta there were several initial allegations with initial reports on stuff before bomb being right in long run, but one man's reputation was falsely ruined. In this case they tell us they have no idea who did other than report of one man with a backpack is suspicious.

In all three cases the initial information ws that we had no pre-warning and no idea this would happen. In 9/11 it later came out there had been intelligence that some type attack with planes had been seen in conversations monitored. We will have to wait and see if there had been chatter in intelligence about this attack.

Today we have watched a follow-up to the attack that bears a resemblance to 9/11 in that there has been one known ricin attack on US Senate been uncovered. Immediately following 9/11 there were several anthrax attacks on Congress. Those were not determined to not have been part of 9/11 but probably took off from 9/11. This attack today may or may not have been connected to Boston. However both cases remind us that people in the USA need to be particularly vigilant in coming weeks for either follow-up or copy cat attacks.

Hopefully the government will solve yesterday and today attacks quickly and not mis-lead or lie to Americans in the process. Transparency is especially important now to to keep America calm and functioning and for us not to fall in a recession as we did in 2001.



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