Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #260 10/27/2012

#260 - Voter photo-id Chicago(Watt Thoughts)

Did you watch the video of President Obama early voting this week in Chicago? He had to produce a photo-id to be able to vote (he joked about not looking same as it due to gray hair). Illinois requires photo-id to early vote.

Why is it that other states trying to require photo-id from people voting are being told it is wrong and being opposed by the Obama administration, but yet that is the law in Illinois for early voting. Why they only require photo-id for early voting, but not for voting on election day I am not sure. I have heard of no one convicted for fraud in early voting by mis-representing themselves but there have been a few cases on regular election and with absentees.

The Chicago election web site (http://www.chicagoelections.com/page.php?id=68) says:

"Usually, ID is required to prove the voter's identity and residency at the address of the registration. Here are the most common situations:

1 Any time a voter uses Early Voting, the voter must present a government-issued photo ID such as a current Illinois driver's license, a current state identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State or a current passport. This is a requirement under Illinois law. "

Why is it ok for Chicago to require photo-id when people early vote to prove the voter's identity, but people (including the Obama administration) say it is wrong for Georgia to require photo-id from me when I early voted today.

Another observation from the two voting experiences (Obama and mine) is he was filmed going in and voting and the signs when I voted said cameras and cell phones were not permitted.

Last, someone might tell Obama it is permissible for him to tell how he voted, you are not allowed to demand a person to tell how they voted.



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