Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #258 10/8/2012

#258 - A 1 hour hike adventure (Watt Thoughts)

Saturday afternoon having stayed in NW Georgia I decided at 4:30pm to go to Villanow and go hike back in Johns Mountain National Forest and find Keown Falls. This was to be a 2-3 mile hike. I drove my pickup there and did the hike, but the falls was never on the trail, although I saw one hollowed out area I suspect is where the falls should be. Having a lot of rain earlier in the week I assumed it would be running.

It was to be a one hour 2-3 mile hike. I got back to the truck and the truck would not start and I was the only one left in the parking lot. There is no cell tower close so my cell phone did not work. A one hour hike now begins looking like Gilligan may have been along (the professor was there, me) and I am stranded. I put on my jacket and started walking to Villanow, probably 8-10 miles away where there is a convenience store. Checking my phone constantly I discovered I had cell coverage leaving the National Forest. I called AAA and about one and half hours later they appeared. In the meantime a former student who lives near there, who I had texted, showed up right behind the tow truck. By that time it was dark. While walking the road, I heard a flock of turkeys go by, but only two pickups drove by in all that time.

AAA took me to the truck and the driver got in and it cranked. My former student followed me back to LaFayette. A one hour hike of 2-3 miles had turned into 5 hour adventure with the 2-3 mile hike and then 4 miles walking on the road.

Pictures of the hike are at http://dwightwatt.shutterfly.com/23570



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