Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #257 10/3/2012

#257 - The Debate (Watt Thoughts)

Tonight's debate was finally a debate between the two major candidates for president. This was not just a forum for the candidates as has been so often in the past years but the candidates responded back and forth to what each said. They pointed out places where they agreed and disagreed and both said that the other was not portraying their positions correctly. This is what I have kept wanting as a debate and not each candidate just stating a position we already knew and not directly responding back and forth.

The debate stayed civil, both were emphasizing they want to improve the middle class.

As we continue with the debates I think they will continue to get more clear on their similarities and differences.

Jim Lehrer did a good job of trying to keep them on the points being discussed, but was willing to let both men over go their time, and yet reeled them back in.

Another item I liked was they did inject a few times in a civil way in the others comments.

I will admit that I really don't think this was the romantic trip to the theater that I think Michelle probably had in mind for their anniversary and to have Romney along as a chaperon. (I hope you smile at that one.)



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