Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #254 8/26/2012

#254 - News you may have missed (Watt Thoughts)

Recently several stories in the news have caught my attention.

First was about climate change which we have been hearing for a number of years the USA is the major problem causing global warming and climate change and that we have to start cutting our use of gasoline and reduce (and quit increasing) our production of CO2. To read many of these stories the USA is the sole culprit of the problem.

What you may not have seen in the news the last two weeks were two stories released by the government.

First is that our level of production of CO2 has dropped drastically the last couple years and that we are basically in compliance with Kyoto treaty that the US never approved and that everyone said we could never reach levels it requested. Our current CO2 production is back to 1992 levels (twenty years ago)

The second story is that gasoline consumption in the USA in recent months is off 20% from a year ago. Yet we continue to hear tat USA can never reduce energy consumption and that higher gas prices are largely caused by increasing gas consumption in the USA.

The other part of both these stories is gasoline consumption continues to rise dramatically in China and India and the production of CO2 is climbing fast there also.

Does this mean the climate change is over for the USA and that we have gasoline problem solved? No. We still need to improve on gas usage and prices. At some point we will stat running out of oil. It appears with new production techniques we have put off peak oil a while longer, predictions we have reached peak production of oil have been around in the modern era since 1972) Climate change is still need fully explained and how much is man caused and how much natural and how much the USA actually impacts and the changes that have occurred about various air pollution in USA since the 1960s and many people need to realize the EPA was created by Nixon about 1970.



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