Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #251 6/6/2012

#251 - IPV6 over blown today (Watt Thoughts)

CNN.com has a big report that the Internet crossed a major line today and started using IPv6 to replace IPv4 like IPv6 had never been used on Internet until today except a test last year. Here is my comment.

Organizations have been slowly converting to IPv6 for years. This is a non-story.

Contrary to many comments, it is not the end of DHCP, DHCP works with IPv6 also. MAC addresses and IP addresses are two different things although IPv6 does use the MAC address in creating a IP address but the IP address can float machine to machine where the MAC address is burned in at time of manufacture. The MAC address is like your house number. But the name of the family that lives there can change is like the MAC address. We will continue to use IPv4 along side IPv6 for many years. IPv6 was created in the late 90s when we originally ran out of IP addresses using IPv4. However with the creation of DHCP and internal addressing using proxy servers we were able to stretch IPv4 to now. If anyone will look back on news earlier this year it was reported we ran out of IPv4 addresses, but now as opposed to early and mid 90s most machines do not have a unique IP address for the Internet but a unique IP address within their organization and organizations have unique IP addresses.



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