Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #235 10/6/2011

#235 - Steve Jobs(Watt Thoughts)

Yesterday afternoon Steve Jobs died after a long battle with cancer. He fought the different cancers much longer than expected. Through the battles he did not give up on life but kept living a full life. Although he stepped aside as CEO of Apple several times, he was still providing the vision and being the front person and personally involved in new gadgets to the end.

I have known of Steve Jobs and his companies since I was in college taking computer courses when he created Apple. He created that computer with Wozniak in 1976. Although you see nothing mentioned now Jobs did a unique marketing with the Apple II in that he made much cheaper for schools to get it in the schools so when kids went to work they would want Apples. As a result Apple is still well used in schools and lots of school software.

Jobs would take concepts and make them usable by people and for people to want. I would compare Jobs to Edison in all the inventions and innovation he did and development of companies. Bill Gates could market software, and other invent computer stuff but Jobs could create and market and was obviously enjoyed playing on the leading edge.

We will miss the vision of Jobs but we will keep innovating. I am glad we had Jobs in our time and he is a vision for many of us. He was in a select few who really enjoyed what he did (I enjoy teaching and helping people in a similar way and retirement for me is a distance concept as it appeared to be for him).

Gary Shelly who has written many computer textbooks for many years (I took classes using them and taught using them for many years, has always resembled Steve to me in his changing with time and the enthusiasm for the newest stuff (toys as we computer people comment) that are coming

Steve's death hits close to me for several reasons. One we were in same field and same type enthusiasm. Second he is the same age as me and we came up thru computers at the same time of the PCs earlier in our life and then Internet/web and then the personal gadgets.



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