Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #230 5/14/2011

#230 - Interesting 4 Weeks (Watt Thoughts)

Was not real sure what to call this article, but it has been an interesting last 4 weeks of what I have done.

Three weeks ago I rode my bicycle 25 miles in the Another Blooming Festival Bike Ride in Metter Georgia. It is sponsored by the Metter Kiwanis Club. You can see a picture of me with two friends as we were at the beginning at the start on the bicycling page on my web page. It was an enjoyable ride and I did well. I have ridden it several years

Two weeks ago I rode in the Pine Tree Breeze Bike Ride in Swainsboro Georgia. I rode 30 miles and it was a good day of riding. It is a relatively flat ride in the northeast side of Emanuel County from Swainsboro. The weather was good. I have ridden in it several years (did 70 miles in it the past)

Last weekend I ran for the first time since 2004 in a race. I ran in the Knotty Pine 5K in Swainsboro which is sponsored by the Swainsboro Kiwanis. I finished in 34:41. I am participating in the Run for God program at First Baptist in LaFayette and am scheduled to run in Chattanooga in June in a 5K. Although not fast I was pleased to run the whole 5K and did have my spurt at the end. I won a trophy for being #2 in my age group (only second trophy I have ever won) so I was happy.

Those three activities should have shown my heart should be in good shape but Thursday it was tested in a surprise WKG. Yes a WKG. that is a Wasp KardioGram. I went to get gas in my 1986 Skylark (which is only once every few weeks at best) and without looking as I was doing credit card in the pump I opened the gas door and reached in and took off the cap. I have been putting gas in this car 25 years so I know how the door and cap work. I felt my finger touch something soft and thought that was strange. I turned and looked and discovered wasps had decided to build a nest in front of the gas cap. If I had not had a good heart I would have probably had a heart attack there. Turns out no wasps on it so I used the gas nozzle and removed the nest.



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