Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #225 1/10/2011

#225 - Observations on various stuff (Watt Thoughts)

Observations from recent events

During the holidays Walmart sold small round bottles of Coke looking line ornaments. They had them in large display boxes with a large picture of the bottle on each side. On one of the panels it stated in large letters that "Can contains 140 calories". Two problems: 1. it was a bottle not a can even in illustration and 2. the bottles themselves said contained 160 calories.

We have been hearing that the Social Security system is going broke so what does Congress do before Christmas but cut the contribution rate by employees about 30% (2 point reduction in the rate from just over 6% to just over 4%. No arguments like income tax cuts that this would cause more people to contribute more money to SS but just reduced income for a year. Sure way to bring a system back in balance that is losing money.

One of the ads fro the drugs on TV always catches my attention. The ad says if you are a loved one have suffered death or other things while taking it you may be entitled to a settlement. I am glad that i don't work for their call centers. It would be scary when people who have suffered death start calling.

Wasn't it odd the tax bill in December. They claimed it extended unemployment benefits and cut income taxes. The truth was it kept income tax rates the same as fro last 10 years and it allowed people to collect the same number of weeks of benefits as had been occurring. Both were expiring.




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