Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #219 9/6/2010

#219 - Savannah Century (Watt Thoughts)

I rode 37 miles in the Savannah Century bicycle ride Sunday. The ride starts across the Savannah River bridge and then is in South Carolina and Georgia concluding back in downtown Savannah.

Two years ago the excitement of the ride for me was falling and cutting my head with a trip to ER. I stayed vertical the whole ride this year.

This year the excitement was at about 12 miles and there was a 6-9 foot gator laying in the road. Only had 3 feet. Was by the wildlife refuge. I went well around him (I have no idea if male or female), but my thought was that he heard they were serving buffet up on the highway and you just had to knock over a skinny two wheeled device. He would have been disappointed with me with my thinness.

My legs said 37 miles was the max for me, the heat and lower humidity was different. The bridge is a challenge and although I was slow I did not stop going over the bridge.



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