Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #204 1/2/2010

#204 - Terrorism hits US - Whose fault? (Watt Thoughts)

We have now seen terrorism strike at about the same time in the last two US presidencies. Stories everywhere each time and afterward on whose fault is it.

On 9/11/2001 we saw terrorism strike New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. George Bush had been president almost 8 months. We heard stories from many people saying it was all Bush's fault because he was president. A few placed blame on Clinton as former president and a few back to GHW Bush, Reagan and even Carter. The claim was Bush should have known and done something.

Now on 12/25/2009 terrorism tries to blow up a plane in Detroit and there are similarities and differences. Obama has been president for 11 months (longer than Bush at 9/11) and the blame is being put by people as either Bush or Obama.

Both presidents had 8-11 months to implement their new polices to protect the American people. If they thought the previous policies were wrong they should have been able to have been changing them. We elect presidents for only 4 year terms. There is no guarantee of a second (ask Carter and GHW Bush if you doubt) so a president should hot the ground running and implement major items like ways to protect Americans immediately.

Now for the Blamers (these are Republicans and Democrats and others and ones in both administrations). Keep your stories straight. If 9/11 was Bush's fault then you must blame Obama for 12/25. If 9/11 was to early in Bush's administration for him to be responsible then in all likelihood 12/25 is too early in Obama's administration for him to be held responsible for 12/25. You can blame both attacks on Bush. You may be able to blame them both to some degree on the bureaucracy for not doing their jobs, but it comes back to what is the leadership doing?

More than likely both are a test by the terrorists to see what type presidents we have and what can they get away with. Also they are a wake up call to both presidents and to the congresses serving at that time that terrorism is real and not just something that happens in other parts of the world but not in the USA. People hate what America stands for, although huge numbers of people hold the American ideal very high. The American ideal and a loving people through their government, christian religion and as individuals is a threat to dictators and leaders who hold their power by dominating and they want to destroy it.

When blame is placed on Bush or Obama for 12/25 stop and think were the Blamers consistent about 9/11 and weigh their views.



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