Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #203 12/25/2009

#203 - Plane Safety (Watt Thoughts)

Today's news tells us that a passenger in the US tried to blow up an airplane. We were just re-assured by Homeland Security that the release of the security manual on how people are checked for security on boarding planes did not present any problem and that the air travel was completely safe. The second guessing will begin on those statements now. I suspect that air travel is still relatively safe, but everyone needs to keep their guard up to keep it safe. I still plan to travel by plane to a conference in March without excessive fear. I think everyone can use that same approach, but not only will security need to be alert, but employees and passengers also, but then we still should have been given the situations in the world. Don't let this scare you out of the sky or to being a hermit (unless that is life you want).

Hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year, remember we have made it 10 years since Y2K and 2038 is a long way off and I do not think the Mayans called for time to end in 2012.



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