Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #201 12/17/2009

#201 - 2009 (Watt Thoughts)

It has been an interesting year with lots of experiences.

Career wise, I changed and stayed the same. The college I teach for merged with another in July and became Georgia Northwestern Technical College, was Northwestern Technical College. No effect on my job other than changed supervisors and the administrators are now 50 miles away from me. Then in October I began teaching at York Technical College in Rock Hill SC (where I taught my first two classes). However that was not the right job for me and I had the opportunity to return to my position (including desk and office) at GNTC and I did in November.

I moved from LaFayette GA in October to Rock Hill and then for the first three weeks in November I stayed at Key West (Inn, wish it had been the beach) and then got a bigger apartment than before, but as nice and from same landlord. I was in the area of the floods in September so rental property is still tight. Finally got all my stuff back to LaFayette the first weekend in December

I have continued riding my bicycle this year regularly, but was able to only ride in one event, the Savannah Century on Labor Day weekend and rode 55 miles that Sunday. I had pneumonia in April which blocked several rides. I have joined the local gym and now am on treadmill for 30 minutes most days and cycle machine 15 minutes. From November to early March it gets dark to early in NW Georgia to ride or run safely when I get home so I think this will work well.

I have continued my contract work with businesses. I also am the sound and video technician for my churchís service each week. I do the web pages for several organizations.

I started writing a column for three newspapers (Swainsboro, LaFayette and Ringgold, Georgia) that is a question answer type article about computers for the average person. I have done 35 of them and they have been received well. I still do my Watt Thoughts column via the Internet and wrote my 200th column last month since I started it in 1998.

Travel wise I went to Kentucky in July for IBBGCM, to Washington DC in March with my uncle to see my mom, on a cruise to Key West (the real one) and Nassau in June (that was my cousinís honeymoon that she invited the family to go with her) and this fall to DC again to see my mom and I went to Gettysburg one day. I also took a number of nearby trips. If you want to see pictures go to dwightwatt.myphotoalbum.com or dwightwatt.shutterfly.com or some are on my Facebook page (amazing the number of people I knew in college I have found there, I do have a blackberry now also, just no texting yet).

My webpage is www.dwightwatt.com and e-mail address is dwight-watt@att.net (same e-mail since 1996, but now I can see on Blackberry also)

The year has been good overall. Made some good new friends.

Hope you had a good year

Looking forward to next year, but no idea what may be in it. Hopefully more learning, new professional and personal experiences, travel, reading and time with friends



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(c) 2009 by Dwight Watt
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