Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #200 11/24/2009

#200 - Happy Thanksgiving (Watt Thoughts)

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Thursday.

As we have this holiday let us remember what it is and is not.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday developed as the eve of Black Friday, but a day for us to give thanks and celebrate our many blessings. Although we are going through difficult economic tmes and many people are facing health crises, we still have blessings around us.

For each of us we need to look tomorrow at the what good things have happened to us in the last year. This may be friends of a long time, new friends that may now be our closest friends, for some of us job opportunities that have appeared, the food that is available to us (although some do not have enough), our living facilities (varies by person but those with small may feel more blessed for that roof over their head than those with mansions), family, freedoms, and heath breakthroughs may have occurred. Whatever the good things were, let them overshadow the bad things that have occurred for at least this one day.

Remember the Pilgrims when they celebrated Thanksgiving originally had been through a miserable trip from England, many had died on the way and after arriving, starvation, warfare and finally things had gone better as they had learned from the Indians (savages as they called them in the proclamation) that showed them how to survive with crops and bountiful animals that meant they would no longer starve. However they still faced cold weather (no gas or electric heat), death, diseases, but they chose to celebrate and give thanks for what they had.

Be positive and look at the blessings you have first Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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