Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #192 9/11/2009

#192 - So much for trying to slow down (Watt Thoughts)

Last weekend has led me to the conclusion that it is fruitless to do try to do what I have tried to do for about 5 months and that is to slow down.

Agreed it was a 3 day weekend, but just thinking about what I did tires me now. Friday evening I drove from LaFayette GA to Swainsboro GA for about 5.5 hours and 300 miles.

Saturday morning I left just after 8 am and headed for St. Simon's to the King and Price to attend a friend's wedding. I had not been to the King and Prince before and it is nice. They had a fabulous breakfast and lunch buffet for the reception. Eli and Ann's wedding was on the lawn by the ocean and nice. Then I headed to Savannah to the bike shop to use a gift card I had been given and picked up several items and registration for Sunday. Then on to Statesboro GA for the Georgia Southern football game at 6PM. GSU won with 40 seconds to go in the game. Back to Swainsboro for the night.

Sunday morning I was on the road at 6:30 am headed to Savannah to ride my bicycle in the Savannah Century. The ride starts going over the Savannah River bridge and then stays flat. It got hotter on Sunday so part way on the ride I decided I would just do the 50 mile route which turned out to be 55 miles, but I did it. Then drove back to Swainsboro. Took a nap (that is slowing down).

Monday I went to the duplex I rent out and cut grass for just over an hour and then that afternoon drove back to LaFayette getting in at 9:30pm, a little earlier than normal.

So for the weekend I drove my car about 1100 miles and rode my bike 55 miles (and it was on the car for about 800 miles).



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