Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #186 7/28/2009

#186 Thinking about 9-11 8 years later (Watt Thoughts)

Friday I passed thru Dawsonville Georgia. I was surprised as I got to downtown and out to the commercial center (several miles away) that hundreds of people were out with flags (3 foot flags like flown ion poles and houses) everywhere lining the street for Michael Neighbors in Dawsonville Georgia and police and sheriff cars waiting to block intersections for a possession. I looked it up on Internet when i got back and found out he was coming home as a military hero from Afghanistan. he had had been injured after 6 months and elected to serve his full tour with his group. The community was welcoming him as a hero. Dawsonville is known as a racing community but they can hold their heads high also for their patriotism and support of the military and Michael Neighbors specifically.

It reminded me of the weekend after 9/11 in 2001 when I drove back to south Georgia from north West Virginia. The country was still in shock from the attack, planes were not flying yet. Flags everywhere(even people standing on overpasses waving flags and posters supporting USA, services everywhere honoring the loss, I remember stopping in one Walmart and they closed the store while I was in it and everyone went out in the parking lot for prayers and remembrance.

Fears on the radio and in the newspapers then and on the Internet were that Bush was not going to strong enough to do what it took to go after bin Ladan and al Quaida. Resolutions with almost all Republicans and Democrats were passed in Congress supporting getting bin Ladan and al Quaida

What a difference 8 years makes. Now continuous charges appear that the Bush administration went to far, tried to hard to get info, etc. We see the war in Afghanistan having more troops sent by Obama but hear continuous that the military must be a kinder gentler military to the civilians. The coalition removed the Taliban from power quickly and the governments for the past seven plus years have been elected, but we watch where we had been told we had al Qaida and the Taliban were on the ropes in Afghanistan but that they are coming back now.

I hope we don't get hit again, but realistically it is extremely likely, however I wonder what the reaction would be by the people of the USA, the administration. Dawsonville showed a different side of America that we usually do not see in the news.



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