Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #184 7/13/2009

#184 My picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone, uh Swainsboro Blade Plus (Watt Thoughts)

I got my picture on the cover of the Blade Plus. I'm not getting richer, not gonna buy five copies for my mother (it is a free paper) but I got my picture on the cover of the Blade Plus. With apologies to Dr Hook and their song from 1972.

No, I did not get my picture on front page for robbing a bank or making a trip to Argentina and telling no one I was going to leave the country or deciding to quit being governor of a state (course there are some that are after the one who went to Argentina to do that). There are good ways to get your picture on the cover of the newspaper also.

This week my weekly newspaper question answer column about technology made the top of the front page of the Swainsboro Blade Plus. If you live in Emanuel County or the area covered by the free home delivery of Plus each weekend check your Blade mailbox. For the rest of you it should be available at www.forest-blade.com within a day or two. The title is Question: What equipment do I need to use my computer wireless at home?

I have been writing the column since March and am published most weeks in newspapers in Georgia.

Now if I could get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone, that would really be cool.



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