Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #181 6/5/2009

#181 Adding Machine Tape (Watt Thoughts)

The textbook I am using to teach Visual BASIC has a problem for students to write a program with the results appearing like on the paper tape. I ran into the issue several quarters ago of some of the younger ones had no idea what an adding machine is. So I explain now that it is like a calculator. I explain the tape is like tape on some calculators or a cash register. Recently I had a student write me "What is a tape?" when I told him it was not where he just added a line of equal signs between his input boxes and result box, but making the input numbers appear in the result box on separate line and a separator line and the result. Shows how technology is changing. I answered back mentioning the tape you get from the cash register or from the gas pump (when I had asked someone else that was a suggestion they had to explain tape on adding machine) or the ATM.

I have heard of several instances where students have no idea what a typewriter (manual or electric) is.



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