Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #180 5/31/2009

#180 How to fix a USB mouse that acts strange (Watt Thoughts)

If you have a USB mouse that either quits working for a short amount of time or does not work after you had Windows locked or in hibernation or sleeping, this may help you. By clearing the USB settings it may release a conflict in the USB.

WARNING: Before doing this process make sure you have saved any open documents, as your machine may lock up and have to be rebooted by pushing the power button

Right click Computer or My Computer

Choose Properties

Choose Device manager (in Vista it is on the opening screen in Properties, in XP it is on the Hardware Tab in properties.

Go to the bottom of the list of devices

If there is a + beside Universal Serial Bus Controllers, click it.

Right click on each USB Root Hub and choose to uninstall (this is when computer may lock up)

Once all are uninstalled, shutdown the computer using either Shutdown and pressing the power button or choosing Restart. It will take a little longer as it will reinstall the USB controllers in the background.

Test your mouse. If it works fine you are done.

If you could not delete all the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, go back and start uninstalling again.

If that does not work, you may have a bad mouse.



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