Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #179 4/24/2009

#179 Fixing a Motherboard (Watt Thoughts)

My new Asus motherboard quit working. I went to the Asus web site for help. I am a little confused by step 2 of how that works.

"1. Please clear CMOS.
2. Please take out your memory cards and video card, try to clean their golden connectors with a rubber, then reseat them back.
3. Please take the CPU cooler out, add some thermal paste to the CPU surface, then reseat the cooler back and keep the cooler tightly installed.
4. Please keep the necessary components(CPU, one memory) onboard for a test.
Finally, we would recommend you to replace a BIOS battery to have a test."

I think they mean use the rubber eraser on pencil to clean the contacts (I have done that often in past and was taught it by a senior mainframe engineer in the 80s. However that is not what they said to do.)

I did solve my problem of no keyboard or display finally on another page that said to unplug power, depress power switch on computer for 10 seconds, and then plug cable back in and turn on. It worked, they say it resets power supply, but I had never heard of it.

For those that have accused me of being old, this proves you wrong. I was taught a new trick, and you cannot teach old dogs new tricks.



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