Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #175 3/15/2009

#175 Disable UAC on Vista (Watt Thoughts)

To disable UAC (User Account Control) on Vista (for instance to get rid of it asking you permission to do anything or to be able to save to root folder on C drive (Microsoft does not think you should be able to save there, just crate folders there and also they do not realize lots of programs want to save there) ) you can use the following steps. However you are discouraged from normally saving to root on C (using folders and subfolders is better so your data is findable, I would have suggested Microsoft do a better job of that in the Windows folder) and it does make it where you can mess things up. UAC is designed to protect teh normal user, however as you get more advanced you may find UAC in your way.

You have to be either Administrator or an administrator type user (given administrator rights). Normally you cannot logon as Administrator in Windows XP or higher in normal mode, just in Safe Mode.

Follow this list:

highlight (select) Disable UAC
you will see a Command prompt box (DOS) run and when it says completed, restart (reboot) Windows.

UAC is now turned off.

The above procedure fully turns off UAC. Doing the UAC turn off in Users in Control Panel only disables some parts.



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