Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #173 2/26/2009

#173 - Difference (Watt Thoughts)

I was sitting in a meeting today of the leaders of the computer instructors in the Georgia technical colleges today (I am the chair of the networking specialization) and we are beginning the conversion from quarters to trimesters. The state person said that the general core had been revised and in quarter hours it would be 25 or 30 hours and we had choice s committee. I popped up and asked "what is the difference between 25 and 30?" Without missing a beat she answered back "5" and the room rolled in laughter. They were still reminding me at supper. Actually the difference is whether students take 1 or 2 math courses. I joined in the laughing at me. I have to admit that was great comeback at me.



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