Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #172 1/27/2009

#172 - Create PDF people can fill out and e-mail the whole form (Watt Thoughts)

This may be over the head or much deeper on Acrobat than some of my readers want to know. Here are steps top create an acrobat from from Word document (or other files) and then have person who looks at form online to be able to fill it out and e-mail you the form and data, not just data as Acrobat does by default, although I am sure most people want the filled out form sent, not just data. My directions oin creating the PDF file are less as it uses a wizard that is pretty self explanatory.

I am using Adobe Acrobat professional and Adobe Live Cycle designer (came with Acrobat pro in the adobe CS3 suite I bought a couple years ago).
1. Open the pdf file in Acrobat professional.
2. Choose Tools, Forms, Edit Layout
3. Will open LiveCycle
4. It may need a font substitution. Click OK
5. Double click on your e-mail button in the document (can skip, but will open code in next step to where button is, so I suggest)
6. Click View, XML Source
7. Scroll down several lines to one that starts 8. Change xml to pdf
9. Choose File, Exit, hit save and yes on saving changes and saving XML.

You can test it and see if I have successfully done this by going to www.dwightwatt.com/forms/formsdw.html and choose the first form (individual form) in Acrobat and enter some data, click the send button and it will create an e-mail with a pdf file attached. You can close acrobat and open the attached file and see it is complete. If you hit send I will get the message.

To create the from initially from Word document, in Acrobat Pro choose File, Create PDF from File and then follow the wizard which will do your e-mail button and create the spaces to type in, just it produces e-mail as XML, which is language Acrobat (and Office 2007) use



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