Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #160 4/27/2008

#160 - Watch out for domain spam messages (Watt Thoughts)

Watch out for messages looking like a bill for your domain that come form Domain Srvcs . They have made it appear to be a bill, when they are actually trying to sell you their package to put you on search engines. It is not a bill. I have my doubts that an organization using advertising methods like this would help you. There are services available at most domain registrars that claim to help and I have used the one at Racknine that did help some, but knowing how to do meta tags and title and other code helps a lot. If you get this e-mail I suggest delete and trash. Like wise i think it is same company that sends out snail messages wanting you to renew your domain , when actually they have a high price and you may not be up. It appears to be same name but i could be wrong.

You should only be paying about $10 a year for domain registration. If you are paying more consider switching to GoDaddy or Racknine or others like them. I am naming those two specifically as I have dealt with GoDaddy since about 1999 and Racknine since 2001 with good results.

These places get the information to send out the letters or e-mail from the registration information on the domain that you are required by ICANN to supply although for a few dollars more you can hide most of it, although I have not tried it.

If you get an e-mail and not sure, forward it to me and I will be glad to give you my opinion. If a snail-mail write me name of company an dwhat it is they are offering and price and I will give opinion also.

Just a warning.



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