Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #159 4/26/2008

#159 - Pine Tree Breeze (Watt Thoughts)

I rode today in the Pine Tree Breeze in Swainsboro. My Bicycle did fine for the distance, just the rider wore out after doing 70 miles, thats me.

The day started with a light sprinkle but ideal temperatures. The route took me across NE Emanuel County and into Jenkins County. The light rain soon stopped but got hit by a decent rain from about 15-20 mile marks, not complaining as Georgia still needs the rain. However I missed the worse apparently as I saw yards standing in water that had to have had harder and longer rain than I rode thru. The Sun same out after mile 45-50 and although there were dark threatening clouds I dried out, I had been literally soaked to the skin, I was not any wetter when I got out of shower earlier that morning.

I rode thru the town of Herndon four times, the loop for 62 mile route went through it and back thru nd by 45 miles I knew I would never make 100 so I just rode back thru Herndon to get my extra 8 miles. Herndon is a town with a railroad crossing, a empty store and a few houses. On the final stretch I passed through Summertown and now can claim I have ridden my bicycle in events through Summertown and Summerville Georgia (although they are about 300 miles apart. I teach at the high school in Summerville and rode in the Chattooga Century there last summer.

Although sore tonight and a light red tint to legs and arms, I am still moving around. Seventy miles is a personal best. I rode faster than I have in a ride before, actually clocking 28 miles and hour on the first part a time or to. The last 20 miles I got to 13 miles per hour twice with wind stopping a downhill run. I was 3rd to last to finish (nothing unique in that, I did same in 1979 when I was in Come See Me half marathon in Rock Hill South Carolina which is still my best in distance on my feet).

It was a good ride, relatively smooth and good temperatures. The ride is part f the Pine Tree Festival in Swainsboro, parade and arts and crafts in two weeks and museum is open next Saturday where I will be helping demonstrate blacksmithing.



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