Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #156f 3/30/2008

#156f - Followup on article 156 (Watt Thoughts)

Looking back at article #156 on Wright and Obama I realized I was not fully clear on a few items. The intent of article was that candidates should not be expected to have only advisors that are 100% in agreement, but actually should have advisors that disagree. Think Biblically, Nathan was an advisor to David but did not bring words he wanted to hear, Daniel brought words King did not want to hear, Joseph and Moses told the Pharaohs items they did not want to hear. And they are just a few.

I did not word the part on agreeing with pastor far enough. This was in response to many who I have heard on radio and other places stating that he should have left the church if he disagreed with the pastor on anything. I disagree on leaving on just any disagreement, but on large items it is either get the pastor changed or leave the church.

This is in my belief that it is the pastor working for the church and not the pastor is the church. This also means that the pastor should not make a fortune off the church. The pastor should make a decent living. However the money given to the church is to support its ministries not make people rich. I do not want to see poverty ministers. Remember Christ said we are to give. I give of my time, talents and presence (what a person promises when joining the Methodist church) to the church. Ministers I expect to do same, but as their occupation they need to receive to leave a comfortable existence.

I have watched people leave churches because they thought preacher was not loud enough, spoke good enough English or disagreed on whether church should get new organ or work with youth in ecumenical center or have others speak in pulpit or should band instruments be allowed in church. Should followers follow Old Testament rules and which? Should there be contemporary services? What are womens places in a church? Should wine or grape juice be used? Where does church stand on war (Iraq, Vietnam and others)? Should church be taking a stand on this? In this case he should have gone to another church with beliefs similar to his as soon as he heard Wright making these ant-American and racist comments. This is not teaching the people or the young people to move us to where race is not considered, but to going back to a racist country openly. For the basic beliefs the church and pastor should be in agreement.

I clearly think Wright hates America and white people. For a country that prevents him from succeeding he is not doing bad getting a 10000 square foot house given to him for retiring with value estimated at over a million dollars. I don't think I will get one. I don't know other pastors who get such a retirement benefit (white or black). America has clearly let Wright and others succeed where they would not have as a minority or suppressed race in other countries. Obama and his wife are also clearly examples in that church (and I am sure there are others) of success by different groups in America and not just white people as Wright charges. Remember also that the First Amendment protects Wright in saying his comments, but the First Amendment does not say anyone has to listen to it, we can each ignore it.

The object of the article was to emphasize that just because people disagreed with a person, that is not a reason to not have them as an advisor. Although I do not think the advise Wright would give Obama would be any good, i do think whoever is president (or any leader) should listen not joust to those who agree with them, but also those with different opinions. Otherwise leaders end in ivory towers and surrounded by yes men/women. Obama should not have Wright as an advisor not because he disagrees with him, but because Wright's thoughts are clearly anti-American and opposed to an entire group (race) of Americans. Dumping him for too extreme is one thing (should in this case) but not just for disagreement.

What Obama has campaigned on (getting races and parties to work together) is fundamentally different than what the basic beliefs with this particular church and minister are. This individual church and minister also clearly do not believe what the denomination they say they are a part of does. There should be a separation by the denomination from this minister and church also no matter how good it has done in social work.

In conclusion, I clearly disagree with Wright (no race needs condemning, the GDA comments are ridiculous they should be pray for God to guide America instead PFGTGA, Wright should have looked around while in Africa and seen how the suppressed populations are truly completely suppressed), America is not perfect but has come a long way and treats all its people in the best ways overall of of other nations, if you have fundamental disagreements with your church find another one, the church is the people with God not the pastor, don't complain there are no "no" people around a leader and then say that a person should not be considered for office because you do not agree with opinions of all advisors, and leaders should have advisors who agree and disagree with them and just because disagree should not dispose them, but for clearly different views on the country and mankind they should get new advisors and leave old behind.

Pray and work to get all Americans to live and work together and that this hatred that we are witnessing here ends soon, in our life time so the dream of a peaceful country where all live, work and play together where the race (or other external features) of the others is never even noticed.

I hope this is clearer than I was originally.



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